The new Phoenix Badminton season kicked off on 26 August at the Senior Sports Hall. Featuring trials of Under-12 and Under-14 for girls and boys, many of the aspiring badminton players pit against one another for a spot in the Phoenix Badminton Team. Check out our highlights of selected training/matches and stay tuned to Alpha Academy for updates on the on-going ACSIS competition!

Results so far:

  • UWCD U14 'B' Girls VS GIIS-Queenstown U14 Girls
    Lost 0 - 5
  • UWCD U14 'B' Girls VS NPS U14 'B' Girls
    Lost 1 - 4
  • UWCD U12 'A' Girls VS UWCE U12 'A' Girls
    Lost 1 - 4
  • UWCD U12 'B' Boys VS UWCE U12 'B' Boys
    Won 4 - 1
  • UWCD U12 'A' Boys VS NPS U12 'A' Boys
    Lost 1 - 4