Very often, my players have been asking me what's the best way to get into the competition mode as they have always struggled in the transition from training to competition. But a wise old man once told me, "Train like you are competing, Compete like you are training". Those words have stuck with me throughout my playing and coaching career.

Many players have found it difficult to transit as their training has not been adapted to properly simulate the intensity of a competition. Bright lighting, annoying air drifts, loud noises and coaches' shouting are just some of the many distractions in a badminton hall. As such, how is it possible for a player to play at his or her best during a tournament when he or she has not even prepared adequately for it?

As the competition phase draws nearer, training has to be conducted at a high intensity to ensure peak performances. Consistency of strokes brings comfort and confidence to the players, and being able to run a series of strokes allows players to add more firepower to their arsenal during competition day.

Here's a simulated matchplay training that I've done with my players. Enjoy and subscribe to our YouTube channel via 

HOW: Feeder is playing a high forehand serve to the forehand corner. Player is returning with a drop shot, feeder nets and plays a straight lift after player returns with a net shot. Player then cross court smash and moves swiftly to return with a cross court lift. And the drill restarts again with the feeder lobbing to the rear court. 

WHY: Players need to get used to the different movements around the court and this drill allows players to move their opponents around all corners of the court with a specific purpose in setting up an opportunity for cross court smash. This is one of the many simulated match drills for adapting students to competition phase.

"Train like you are competing, Compete like you are training"