Alpha Age Group Badminton Championship is on its second year running. We would like to thank all players across 55 participating schools and academies, helpers and above all, the sponsors for playing such a pivotal role in making the week-long event such a memorable and successful one. Further, we would like to congratulate all 17 champions! A job well done and we hope that this experience will stay with you for a long time coming.

On behalf of Alpha Academy, I would sincerely like to thank Ms. Ong Chih Ching from KOP Limited, Dr. Stephen Riady and UWCSEA (Dover Campus) for the sponsorships provided for Alpha Age Group Badminton Championship held from 14 December till 19 December 2015. 

We have learned how badminton played a special part in the formative years of both Ms. Ong and Dr. Riady. Their generosity and strong conviction to give back to the badminton community clearly shows how badminton has left a positive and lasting impact on their lives. Likewise, they have hoped to be able to provide precious learning experiences to the younger generation. Competitive experiences are important contributory factors towards raising one's level of play and confidence on court. 

And we hear you! A new 19&Under category was opened to help cater to a bigger playing community this year. The tournament was also officiated by Mr. Eric See and his team of experienced umpires to ensure a fair playing experience for all players.

Schedules and fixtures were updated on a real time basis to ensure all players had a minimum of two day notice. We would like to thank our wonderful interns and coaches for helping the daily matches run smoothly with minimal delays!

Once again, this event would not have been a success without the generous support from each and everyone of you! Our vision is to continue to create a top notch platform for all competitors. 

Thank you and see you again in June 2016.