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The 2019 October Term Break Badminton Camp Presented by Alpha Academy will provide boys and girls ages 4-19 with a structured badminton learning experience that encourages technical and physical development. The camp focuses on improving campers' badminton skills while emphasising offensive strategies, defensive tactics, and game fundamentals. 

We strive for every player to have an amazing experience, to truly love the game and have FUN! All ages and levels are welcome and campers are separated accordingly. Never a better time to pick up and play the world’s fastest ever racket game! 

All the camps are conditioned to the developmental age of the participant. Programmes will be challenging but achievable, guaranteeing that each child leaves our camp with a raised self esteem and most importantly, having experienced FUN and ENJOYMENT.

Senior Sports Hall, United World College
1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654

21 OCT - 25 OCT 2019
28 OCT - 01 NOV 2019

9.00AM – 12.00PM

Sibling Discount - 10% OFF
2nd / 3rd Week Extension Discount - 5% OFF

$355.00 (UWCSEA Students) / $365.00 (Others) - 5 Days
$80 - PRO-RATA Per Day

Generally we have three main groups of campers:

RED : Introduce (Beginner Stage) 
A fun group for younger players who are just learning the game of badminton. We use the Internationally recognised Badminton World Federation (BWF) Shuttle Time format, with training sized for smaller hands and bodies. Training in this group will allow for success so players can have fun, gain confidence and want to continuing playing and improving. Coaches focus on positivity and use lots of instructional games and activities to teach the fundamentals of technique, hand-eye coordination and movement. Campers will have a snack break midway through camp each day.

ORANGE : Develop (Intermediate Stage) 
These kids have had some prior badminton experience. Ages and abilities range in this group, and campers will be broken into smaller groups as appropriate. Campers will play on be trained more on a full-court rotation basis, with huge emphasis on consistency. Focus in this group is developing proper technique, correcting “bad” habits, tactical implementation, introduction of doubles play, and most importantly, FUN! This group will participate in some multi-shuttle drills, but we still use lots of game-based drills to keep kids interested and engaged! 

GREEN : Refine (Expert Stage) 
Kids in this group have had substantial badminton experience and are ready to compete. We teach more difficult variations of standard shots, introduce tactics for both singles and doubles, talk about the mental game of badminton, and utilize drills that emphasize speed, strength, consistency and accuracy. We focus more on competing in this group, and work on game and set play, as well as other fun group games.  

Camp Structure
Camp will consist of a morning session from 9am till noon. A typical camp day looks like this:

9am: warm up
9.15am: fun agility and hand-eye coordination work
9.30am: drills and games working on the focused stroke/theme of the day
10:30am: snack break for all groups; more time given for the younger kids
10.45am: game-based drills
11.30am: competitive games; point play and match play for older campers
noon: pick up for campers

Please know that this is a broad outline of a camp day; little ones will be playing a lot more games, taking more water breaks, etc. than the older kids!

Additional Information: 

All sub-camps will be divided into groups according to their skill level. We will assess on the first day to place in appropriate group. 

Organised match play will be conducted over all of the camps. Prizes will be given on the last day of each camp to the Best Performing and Most Improved Players within the three playing groups (Red, Orange and Green) 

Camp is on rain or shine!

The kids and I would like to thank you for running such a wonderful camp. They had a great time thanks to all of you. Out of all the camps they have attended over the years, this one was probably their best one! Thanks also for making Jazzy’s birthday so special - these memories are precious and priceless

Marialine, Ethan and Jazzy
I think that the badminton holiday course was very enriching, and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I liked how much personal coaching the coaches gave to us.

Rebecca Sze
It was a great camp with a variety of challenging activities. I really enjoyed doing endurance and perseverance and I think that it really helped my mental strength

It is a very professionally organized camp. My son enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!

Nadja Dinckol
Alex and Nate both loved the camp. It was all fun!

Felicity Porter